Dental Bridges

The office of Hayes Family Dentistry offers a variety of solutions for missing teeth. One of them comes in the form of dental bridges. A dental bridge is used to fill the gap caused by multiple missing teeth to restore their look and function. Our dental bridges are custom made using high-quality materials to closely match the fit, color and shape of your natural teeth.

When you are missing one or more teeth, the gap created causes the nearby healthy teeth to shift out of position. This could lead to bite issues and other oral problems.  A dental bridge fills the space caused by missing teeth helping your smile look natural and function normally. A bridge generally consists of two dental crowns on existing natural teeth at both ends of the gap and artificial teeth between them.

When you visit our office for a dental bridge, we will first perform a thorough evaluation of your oral health to ensure that you have adequate surrounding structures to support the bridge. Once we determine that you are an ideal candidate for bridgework, the teeth at both ends of the bridge will be prepared with crowns for bridge installation. We will also take an impression of your teeth to design your bridge. Once your bridge is ready, it will be checked and adjusted, as necessary, to achieve a perfect fit.

Bridges are easy to maintain and can last many years when properly cared for. You can take care of them by maintaining a good at-home oral hygiene regimen and regularly visiting our office for checkups.

Looking for high-quality dental bridges to replace your missing teeth? Schedule an appointment with the experts at Hayes Family Dentistry.