Emergency Dentistry

If you need an emergency dental appointment, the office of Hayes Family Dentistry can assist you. Just give us a call, and we will make an appointment for you ASAP. In most cases, we will be able to offer quick relief for your problem.

Dental emergencies can occur at any time. Such situations call for immediate treatment from a dentist. A dental emergency may not necessarily involve pain, but it may still require timely attention from a dental expert. Some of these situations can include:

  • Broken or cracked teeth
  • Permanent tooth knocked out
  • An object caught between the teeth
  • A severe toothache or pain in the gums or jaw
  • Broken jaw or other trauma/injury

Listed below are a few tips for common dental emergencies:

  • If you have a knocked out permanent tooth,  keep it moist. You can try placing it back in the socket without touching the roots, or place it between tooth and gums and then take an emergency appointment with us right away.
  • If you have a cracked tooth, rinse your mouth with warm water to keep the area clean. You can also put a cold compress on your face to minimize swelling.
  • If you have bitten your lip or tongue, apply a cold compress and clean the area with water.
  • If you are experiencing a severe toothache, rinse your mouth with water, and try gently flossing to remove any food that may be stuck. Do not use aspirin or painkiller against the gums as it will burn your gum tissue.
  • For any object stuck in the mouth, try to use floss instead of a sharp or pointed instrument.
  • As a temporary measure for a lost filling, you can stick a piece of sugarless gum into the cavity and see us right away.
  • If you discover a pimple-like swelling in your gum that is painful, that could be an abscess which is an infection that occurs around the teeth or in the spaces between teeth and gums. Since this infection can spread to the other parts of your body if left untreated, it is recommended that you see us as soon as possible.