Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is also known as endodontic treatment, which literally means “inside the tooth.” Endodontic treatment is used to treat infections that occur in the nerve tissue of the tooth. The office of Hayes Family Dentistry offers comfortable and expert root canal treatment for infected teeth.

A root canal treatment is done when inflammation or infection develops in the pulp of a tooth. The pulp consists of connective tissue, blood vessels, and nerve cells causing a great deal of pain. The pain may go away temporarily with time, but without treatment, the infection will only continue to get worse and can cause a dental abscess or even systemic problems in other body parts.

Root canal infection may be caused by deep tooth decay or untreated dental cavities which allow bacteria to enter the pulp tissue and infect it. The entry of bacteria may also be facilitated by a chip or crack in the tooth caused by trauma. A tooth that has extensive dental work done can also lead to pulp damage.

The process of performing a root canal begins with the administration of anesthesia to numb the tooth and the surrounding area. Then a small opening is made in the tooth surface to access the pulp. The dead and decayed tissues are removed, and the chamber and canals are disinfected and cleaned. They are then filled with gutta-percha and sealed with adhesive cement to prevent re-infection. A crown covering will be placed on the tooth to protect it.

It is common to feel tenderness and sensitivity in your tooth for a few days after a root canal treatment. We may prescribe pain relievers to eliminate discomfort. One should avoid biting hard using the affected tooth for a few days after treatment.

A root canal treatment is not particularly painful. It is the infection that causes the majority of the pain. Getting a root canal done in time can save your tooth. If you have an infected tooth, schedule an appointment at our office today.