Achieving A Perfect Smile Is No “Mission Impossible” With Tom Cruise in Hayes, VA

They say detours will lead us to our amazing destiny. This is true to the Hollywood filmmaker and actor, Thomas Cruise Mapother, or popularly known as Tom Cruise. Tom Cruise’ perfect smile makes everyone yell with exhilaration. Every heart is captivated by how the actor charmingly smiles. But wait until you know what the Hollywood star had gone through before embracing his new smile.

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Cosmetic Dentistry

Before achieving his new captivating smile, Tom Cruise had gone through several cosmetic dentistry treatments. He started out by a teeth whitening and straightening procedure to cover up his discolored teeth that were also misaligned. Later on, he even invested in veneers. At age 40, the actor opted for braces to address his overbite and misalignment problems. He shocked his fans when he attended his “Minority Report” premiere in 2002 with the braced-face on! Although you may see his aesthetically beautiful teeth today, as a kid, Tom Cruise has suffered from embarrassing teeth irregularities. He had a chipped front tooth caused by a flying puck during a hockey match. We can, therefore, say that dental works work magically to Tom Cruise. His smile has come a long way from his “Steve Randle” days where he boldly flaunts his chipped front teeth to the now perfectly repaired teeth. Different before-and-after photos of the star will prove how remarkably his cosmetic dentistry changed the whole appearance of his teeth. Well I guess, there is no such things as “mission impossible” when it comes to achieving a perfect smile with cosmetic dentistry and Tom Cruise will prove you that, of course.

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