Stages of Tooth Decay and How Your Child can Get Rid of Them in Hayes, VA

Tooth decay is the most common teeth irregularity experienced by children, teens, and adults. It is manifested by damage in the tooth enamel, the hardest mineral in the body. Among the three, children usually get the most number of tooth decay sufferers. This might be because children eat sugary foods more than the adults. When sugar particles cling to the surface of the tooth, it has the tendency to produce acids thus attacking the tooth enamel and breaking it down which will soon give birth to tooth decay and cavities.

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Our local dentists in stafford, va at Hayes Family Dentistry provide Pediatric Dentistry services to children from infancy to adolescence. Our different services under pediatric dentistry such as dental sealants and fluoride application will help treat and prevent tooth decay. We also provide mouth guard treatment for our sports enthusiasts young patients. Ensuring the overall dental health of every child is possible with Hayes Family Dentistry!

Pediatric Dentistry

Tooth decay is a progressive oral problem that comes in different stages. At the dentist, assessing the children’s dental health is the first step in knowing what treatment is best for them. Understanding these five stages of tooth decay will be a big help in identifying the best approach to cure it.

Stage One: Enamel Lesion. A small brown and white lesion can be seen on the enamel during this stage, followed by a hole in the tooth.

Stage Two: Enamel Decay. In this stage, the enamel starts to break underneath the surface of the tooth.

Stage Three: Dentin Decay. Tooth sensitivity and discomfort can be experienced during this stage.

Stage Four: Pulp Decay. Pus formation is present, killing the blood vessels and nerves in the tooth.

Stage Five: Abscess Formation. Intense tooth pain characterized abscess formation. The root of the tooth will be affected by a dental abscess, a pocket with pus.

Dental treatments for the different stages of tooth decay

Dental Sealants. Dental sealant acts as a coating painted to the chewing surfaces of the teeth. It can be white, clear, or tinted. This serves as a raincoat that prevents the teeth from cavities. Applying dental sealants are relatively fast and painless. The longevity can take up to ten years depending on the brushing and eating pattern of a child.

Fluoride Application. Fluoride application treatment provides extra protection to the teeth against tooth decay. It is advised that a child must set a fluoride application appointment to the dentist at least two times a year starting at the age of two.

These two treatments done by the dentist is effective in treating and combating cavities and tooth decays. However, with proper oral hygiene at home, a child can prevent tooth decay. Here are tips to follow:

  • Brush the teeth twice daily using fluoridated toothpaste and a soft-bristled toothbrush.
  • Floss once a day.
  • Avoid sugary and acidic foods.
  • Visit the pediatric dentist regularly for check-ups, cleanings, and necessary dental treatments.

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