Dental Veneers: Transform Your Smile in Hayes

Dental Veneers are custom-made thin shells of porcelain that mimics the color of the natural tooth. These are bonded to the surface of the tooth to allow people enhance their smile by covering teeth imperfections. Although the primary focus of the treatment is to improve the appearance of the smile, it also has protective qualities and may prevent the need for more extensive procedures. At Hayes Family Dentistry, we offer dental veneers to help our patients redesign their smile.

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Whatever the cause is, dental veneers can address dental issues such as:

Dental Veneer Procedure


In this step, the dentist will examine the tooth of the patient to determine the dental problems that need treatment. Patients are then asked about their preferences and desired results. After the formulation of the treatment plan, the procedure and limitation will be discussed by the dentist to the patient, to make some adjustments if necessary. X-rays are also taken.


Before preparing the tooth, the dentist will administer local anesthesia (if needed) to numb the area. Preparation of the tooth includes the removal of a small amount of the enamel from the tooth surface. Impression or model of the teeth will then be taken and sent to the laboratory that will create the veneers. The permanent veneers usually take 2-4 weeks to be completed. The patient will use temporary veneers until the permanent dental veneers are available.


Once the permanent veneers are ready, the dentist will try it on the teeth to ensure that the fit and color is right. If necessary, the dentist will trim the veneers until the desired shape and fit are attained. The teeth are prepared through cleaning, polishing, and etching(roughen the tooth surface for strong bonding). After preparing the tooth, a special bonding cement is applied, and the veneer is then placed. A light beam will activate the chemicals in the bonding cement to cure it.

Once the treatment is done, the dentist will evaluate the teeth and bite and make adjustments if necessary.

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