What To Expect During A Dental Bridge Procedure in Hayes, VA

Dental restorations are vital for a person’s overall physical and mental well-being by providing solutions for missing teeth. Missing teeth do not only affect the appearance of the smile, but it can also cause bone loss that can affect the facial structure. Hayes Family Dentistry provides Dental Bridge restoration service to help people gain their confidence back by restoring their beautiful smile.

Dental Bridge

What is a Dental Bridge?

A Dental Bridge is a type of a fixed dental prosthetic that can “bridge” the gaps caused by single or multiple missing teeth. It is made from different kind of materials that can provide both durability and aesthetics to not only restore missing teeth but also to improve the teeth’s function. Dental crowns support a dental bridge at the opposite sides that would act as the anchor to hold and secure the bridge, while pontics or false teeth are in between which serve as the replacement of the missing teeth. It can be made from either gold, alloys, porcelain, or a combination of these materials.

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What to Expect During a Dental Bridge Procedure?

  • Like any other dental treatments, initial consultation should be done for the assessment of the patient’s mouth structure. The dentist will examine if a dental bridge is an appropriate solution for that specific area and if the surrounding teeth are still fit to support a dental bridge. Dental x-rays and teeth casts will also be taken to make sure that everything is properly in place for the success of the procedure. If there is a need for any other dental treatments to ensure the structure like root canal or placement of posts, it would be done before teeth preparation for the placement of the Bridge.
  • If the foundation is strong, teeth preparation is then performed. A dental bridge is supported by the healthy tooth structure at either side of the gaps. These teeth need to be filed accordingly to hold the dental bridge securely. Anesthesia can be used for this procedure to make sure that the patient would not feel any discomfort while resizing the tooth to make it properly fitted. Once the teeth are prepared, an impression will be taken and sent to a laboratory that would custom create the permanent bridge. It usually takes around two weeks for it to be done; that is why a temporary bridge is placed to protect the tooth while waiting.
  • As soon as the permanent bridge is ready, the temporary replacement is removed, and the teeth is cleaned. Anesthetics may be used for comfort while the bridge is cemented in place. Adjustments can be made by the dentist to secure its fit, appearance, and to make sure that it does not get in the way of the patient’s bite.

Dental Bridges can help in restoring the missing teeth as well as the confidence of a patient to improve their overall well being. While they can give back the pleasing appearance of the smile, the patient can also enjoy using it while eating to make let the get used to it. Proper dental hygiene can significantly help for its maintenance allowing it to last a long time for a natural looking smile.

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