How to Have a Mouth-Friendly Halloween in Hayes, VA

Most children love Halloween out of all the other holidays out there, but for both parents and dentists, it is a nightmare! While kids only think about the sweets they will receive, parents are thinking of the possible consequences if they are not able to clean their child’s mouth properly. They may be thinking “is there any way to make Halloween more fun yet healthy at the same time?”.

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Our local dentists in stafford, va at Hayes Family Dentistry say yes and we’ve got you covered! We understand how most parents worry about their child’s oral health during this season. With that in mind, we have prepared a list of things they should remember for a happier holiday for the whole family!

Keep them away from sticky candies.

These types of candies need to be chewed longer than other sweets. It also means that it takes a longer time for it to break down, thereby increasing the duration of the teeth’s exposure to sugar.

Hard candies are a big no-no.

Compared to other candies, the hard ones tend to have higher sugar content, so it is best to stay away from this treat. Since it is a hard candy, it also can contribute to the chipping or cracking of the teeth when chewed.

Stay clear from liquid treats!

Dentists do not recommend their patients to drink sodas or fruit juices due to its high sugar content. It also applies to those liquid candies since children can receive a higher amount of sugar per serving. Remember that sugars dissolved in liquid forms have higher concentration compared to solids.

Say no to sweets for snacks.

It is best to serve the sweets during meals instead of snacks. Saliva production tends to increase during mealtime, canceling the potential effects of sugary treats. Saliva will also be able to remove any harmful residues which are stuck on the mouth.

Brush, floss, and rinse.

It is an essential first line of defense against any oral complications which is why dentists highly recommend its proper practice. Make sure to teach your child the proper techniques when doing so for them to clean all the spaces in their mouths effectively.

To further help parents in the maintenance of their child’s oral health, we at Hayes Family Dentistry offer Dental Cleaning and Checkups to ensure that any trace of complications will be spotted and taken cared of early.

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Your children also deserve outstanding dental care services! We provide Dental Cleaning and Checkups in Hayes, VA. Book your appointment with us at Hayes Family Dentistry and let us help you achieve beautiful and healthy teeth!