Reasons Why People Experience Tooth Pain in Hayes, VA

Have you ever felt an excruciating pain somewhere in your tooth? Perhaps, the reason why you got to experience the discomfort brought by a toothache isn’t primarily because you forgot to brush and floss the night before. There must be other factors that contribute to the said complication. These include:

Girl with tooth pain

Trauma or Injury

Your toothache may be due to the fact that you accidentally chipped a piece of your tooth by biting on hard candy. A cracked, broken, or knocked out tooth is always associated with pain or sensitivity.

Abscessed Tooth

The inner portion of the tooth, otherwise known as “pulp chamber,” may be susceptible to infection. When complications within the tooth scattered into the tip or around the root, severe pain and swelling are more likely to take place.

Teeth Grinding

Bad oral habits can lead to a toothache as well. For instance, when you are fond of grinding your teeth, tooth pain related with the joint that allows the lower jaw to connect to the skull (TMJ) happens.

Wisdom Teeth

Once you notice the occurrence of pain on the area where your third molars reside, then it’s time to seek the help of the dental professional and have your wisdom tooth removed. The emerging third molar may lead to significant pain when it is not eliminated.


It is the most typical culprit of a toothache. The cause of cavity or tooth decay, on the other hand, is poor oral hygiene. Once you fail to practice brushing, flossing, and mouth rinsing on a daily basis, a tiny hole will begin to build into the tooth which as time goes on can grow bigger and larger.

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Treatment for Tooth Pain

While there are home remedies to soothe mild tooth pain, it is always best to visit the dental professional for the appropriate and reliable treatment. At Hayes Family Dentistry, our local dentists in stafford, va can provide you with the right procedure to halt pain and discomfort in your tooth depending on the causes of the condition. As for people who suffered from a toothache due to teeth grinding, we have custom-made mouth guards to combat bruxism. We also have different options for teeth restoration if you would like your chipped tooth to be repaired.

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